Great Love

Love is magical and when you find yourself in an unexpected relationship that opens your eyes to the depth of your love, it changes your world as you once knew it. That is… Continue reading

DATE IDEA #222 – Go For A Hike

Hike to a waterfall or a scenic view. Pack a lunch and have a picnic at the top. Take in nature’s beauty together!

Know Your Worth

Absolutely! Both people in a relationship should know the worth of their partner, appreciate them and be grateful for the love they share.

Never Give Up!

Relationships are a wild ride with highs and lows but when you look back at the relationship as a whole you should remember all the good moments and that in the bad ones… Continue reading

Run Wild With Me

As individuals we don’t want to have to change entirely who we are but rather we want to find someone who can fit right along side and compliment who we are as a… Continue reading

Be In Love With “US”

Be in love with your sweetie, yes but don’t forget to be in love with the couple that your are together because it takes two, to make a relationship!

DATE IDEA #109 – Take A City Stroll

Hand-in-hand, take a walk through the city, people watch, window shop and feel the energy of the nightlife!

DATE IDEA #39 Breakfast In Bed

Stay in the comfort of your bed and surprise your sweetie with breakfast! Whether you cook or order in, pillow talk is a must.


It’s the word we are all looking for in our relationships, “to be loved in return, as much as I love you”.

I Love You!

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner you love them, over and over again, and for the reason why you do. Hearing it never gets old!