Count Your Blessings!

November brings a few thoughts to mind, football, changing leaves, family, friends, mustaches and Thanksgiving! But November should be more than just turkey, a big nap and reflecting on your blessings one day a year. If mustaches get a whole month, then so can thankfulness!

Let’s try this, throughout your day, both individually capture something you are grateful for. It can be something BIG, like your home or something small, like a hug from your partner. Maybe you’re thankful for the smell of your partner’s perfume or the sound of music as you ride in the elevator, it’s really up to you because we’re all unique in what we are thankful for!

As you can imagine there are many different ways to keep a joint list and we have shared a few ideas below on how you can get started…
1. Use Pictures

Capture your thankfulness through images and now with the use of smart phones and social media the possibilities are endless! The idea is to take pictures of things you are thankful for throughout your day. Thankful for your pumpkin spiced latte?! Snap a photo.  Thankful for your reserved parking spot at work?! Snap!  Thankful to be able to hold hands with your partner?! Snap! You get the idea…

Photo credit: www.flicker/

Photo credit: www.flicker/

To help you organize the photos you take, you can upload your photos to your Kouply account or setup a joint Instagram account and both upload your photos as you take them. The joint photo option is two fold, it acts as a nice surprise to see what your partner is thankful for throughout the day and shows you what a day in the life of them is like!


2. Create a “Thankful Tree”

The idea is to write down something you are grateful for each day on a piece of paper and hang it on your tree. To get started, grab a vase, fill it with fall festive twigs and cut out shapes of circles or leafs from decorative paper. Hole punch the “leaves” and provide a writing utensil near the vase for easy access each day.

By the end of the month your twigs will have blossomed into a beautiful fall tree!

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3. Start a Journal

Maybe you’re more of a writer? No worries, then record in a journal what you’re thankful for. Have a small journal or notebook lying around that you haven’t used yet? Or seen a cute one at a shop that you have wanted to buy but can’t think of a reason to use it?

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Well here you go, get it and station it in a spot in the home where you both frequent for periods of time. Such places as these would be, next to the microwave because you stand there for 30 seconds or more with nothing to do but watch your food turn. Next to your nightstand is another easy spot or on the kitchen counter. The point is to put the journal in a place where it is easily accessible and in line of sight.


4.  Create a Video

With all the photos we take these days, how great would it be to look back and watch a video of the two of you saying what you’re grateful for each day?!

Your Kouply status can help you with it, just take a video each day stating what you’re grateful for that day or leave your flip camera lying around the house, in the same spot of course and as you walk by, pick it up and give a quick “thankful” shout out.

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Add an extra element of fun by keeping separate lists and at the end of the month, share your lists with one another.  These “thankfulness” activities are something you can do every year or better yet, all year round and see how the thankfulness grows!