Design Your Relationship!


The start of a new year always means a fresh start with resolutions to break old habits and challenging ourselves to new ones. We should treat our relationships with the same energy! As couples we should agree to refresh the slate with the first of the year and let go of upsets, “he said, she said,” and past fights. 

1.    This year, design together how you want your relationship to look and agree to work towards it together.

It can be as simple as we are going to work on talking more nicely to one another when an argument arises or as complex as we are going live a more health balanced life.

2.     In each scenario there should be steps laid out to help you achieve your goal.

When an argument starts and voices escalate, have a code word you can say to help bring the tone back down. To balance our health, three times a week we will prepare healthy meals and exercise for “x” amount of time

3.     Remember to support and congratulate one another towards success!

Every step towards the goal is an achievement and should be rewarded so. When an argument concludes and the content had stayed within the boundaries you outlined, make sure you communicate to your partner that you appreciate them and how the tone of the argument played out.

Every time you eat a healthy meal or break a sweat, congratulate and thank your sweetie for supporting the goal you laid out together.

4.     Reward yourselves!

Learning to treat the goals you set and achieve in your relationship as triumphs will allow you to celebrate your success together. It will help you see yourselves as a team and that your finish line of “Happily Ever After” is attainable.

Everyone deserves a job well done so remember to reward yourselves by trying out a new restaurant or take a long weekend and visit a new city.

Design the relationship you want and working towards it together will help build your foundation for a strong, lasting relationship!

What has worked for your relationship when trying to reach a goal together?