10 Adventurous Dates

It doesn’t always have to be hearts and candlelit dinners. Playing together is just as importance as romance. This Valentines we encourage you to challenge each other, laugh too hard and explore your adventurous side!


Adventurous Dates!

  1. Jump to your heart’s delight on a BIG TRAMPOLINE at one of the new facilities popping up.
  2. Go for a horse ride, yeehaw cowboy!
  3. Sky diving, is the perfect adventure date. A nice view, a little free fall…
  4. Fearless? Try bungee jumping together. If you can make it through that, you can make it through anything!
  5. Nothing says romance like a hot air balloon ride. Take in the scenery and try not to look down.
  6. Feel like a kid again at an amusement park, put your hands in the air! Eat cotton candy!
  7. Practice your target aim at the gun range. Who has the best shot?!
  8. Speed around the race track, go-kart style. Eat my dust…
  9. It’s all fun and games when you paintball. Perfect way to take out a little aggression.
  10. Take a ski day, enjoy the slopes and the fresh air. Last one down the hill is a rotten egg…

The couple that plays together, stays together!