Eat, Play, Love: 9 ideas for a more playful Valentine’s Day!

Relationships are extremely rewarding and can have the “happily ever after” ending but it takes daily attention from both people in it. If you can remember to be grateful and playful with one another it will make for a lasting bond and a stronger foundation.

  1. Take a Class Together
    Taking a class together is a fun way to learn something new as a couple and give you another common interest.

    • Learn your favorite dance, sign up for a class. Get those hips and boogie shoes ready!
    • Try learning how to cook a new meal. Cooking classes are a great way to discover new cuisines.
  2. Be Adventurous
    Taking a risk together and feeling the rush releases endorphins bonding you with the people you experience it with. It also makes for a great story!

    • Take the plunge and go skydiving.
    • Try go-kart racing, zip around the track.
  3. Experience their Hobby
    Individually we have hobbies and interests that we enjoy, share in one of your partner’s and learn from what they know. Joining them in their passions makes them feel special and helps you better understand why they enjoy it.

    • Do they play a sport? If you can, go play as well or at the least cheer them on!
    • If volunteering is your partner’s thing, go help and see them in action.
  4. Get Away and Travel
    Spending a weekend away together, in a new city is a mix of good quality time and adventure that builds memories.

    • Go for a road trip, visit a National Park.
    • Each put a destination in a hat, draw one out and go there.
  5. Support Each Other’s Good Health
    Exercise together, a couple which plays together, stays together. Cheer each other on for eating a well-balanced diet. You’re a team, remember that!

    • Go for an evening stroll after dinner, burn off those carbs and share your day with one another.
    • Start a diet together. Your odds of sticking to it increase manifold when you’re a team.
  6. Date Night, Date Night, Date Night
    Keep the romance alive and continue to court one another! Never stop. If you always keep trying to surprise and introduce new experiences into your relationship you will continue to grow and build your bond. It’s important not to get stagnant!

    • Go on your first date together, a second time!
    • Enjoy dinner and a show, all in one.
  7. Relax and Unwind
    Life is hectic and speeds past us, it’s good for us to stop and slow down. When you can tell your partner is overwhelmed, save them from boiling over.

    • Get couple spa treatments.
    • Rent a secluded cabin, kick back and relax.
  8. Be Social Butterflies
    Once we’re in a relationship we can turn into hermit crabs but being social with other couples can fill our love meter more than we know.

    • Go on double dates for a movie and dessert.
    • Host a couples’ game night.
  9. Romance is hot
    The word “romance” can have a bad reputation but it doesn’t have to always be candles and great make out sessions.  Do what is comfortable for your relationship but put some effort into it.

    • Dance with each other when least expected at home or in the middle of the grocery store.
    • Hide love notes around the apartment or in your partner’s lunch.

This is just a guide to help you get started, don’t be afraid to improvise and have fun while doing it!
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