4 Genius Apps To Score You Brownie Points With Your Boyfriend

4 Genius Apps To Score You Brownie Points With Your Boyfriend Eager to show him how much you care? Technology to the rescue. Kouply: The “It’s You And Me Against The World” App… Continue reading

DATE IDEA#121 Horseback Riding

It’s not every day you get to go for a horse ride which makes this date special! Want to spice it up? Have a planned picnic of cheese, crackers and wine at the… Continue reading

I Promise!

In a marriage you should always choose your partner, even when times are tough because it’s in the tough times that they will need it most!

Love Is About…

Remembering to be thankful for our partner and the relationship we have with one another is key to the foundation of its strength. There is no individual winner in a relationship, only a… Continue reading

Date Idea #88 Go Kart Racing!

Nothing says romance like “eat my dust” as you speed around the track. Winner gets a kiss!

DATE IDEA#166 Take a Cooking Class!

                                      Sign up together for cooking classes and learn a new skill for Valentines day!… Continue reading

Definition Of The Day

The glances and the butterflies, what a wonderful feeling! It’s words with definitions like these that make language beautiful.

10 Adventurous Dates

It doesn’t always have to be hearts and candlelit dinners. Playing together is just as importance as romance. This Valentines we encourage you to challenge each other, laugh too hard and explore your adventurous side!… Continue reading


We knew Kissing was a good thing!

Being In Love

“Being in love” is not merely a feeling. It is a deep unity, maintained by the will deliberately strengthened by habit – C.S. Lewis