Happily Ever After Is Our Goal

The love and kindness you put in will only make your happily ever after that much stronger! Advertisements

16 Ways To Flirt With Your Husband

Flirting is a big part of dating, make sure to keep it up as the relationship grows to help your love stay playful and strong! Read here for 16 fun and easy ideas!

Everything Carries Me To You

We fall in love with a person for the beauty of their soul and as we are out and about in our every day life, beautiful things we see and hear remind us… Continue reading

Together Forever

Celebrate the number of years you have been together, it’s a reminder that you have been patient, kind, supportive and loving through all the ups and downs!

Happiness By Giving

The energy you both put into your relationship will make all the difference in the overall happiness of your relationship!

Morning Kisses

Kiss each other awake. It’s the perfect way to start your day!   Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Everyone Loves a Good Love Story

‘Our Story’ leave for guests on chairs while waiting for wedding ceremony to begin. Include both bride’s perspective and groom’s perspective. Everyone loves a good love story! Photo Credit: stylemepretty.com

Music and Song Lyrics

Song lyrics have touched each and every one of us because they speak to the mind what the heart is thinking!

Our Love Started With A Smile

Falling in love starts from the very beginning. All the smiles, laughs and kisses we share with a person start to add up and before we know it, we’re in love!

Love and Life

In the end, it’s the one you can’t live without who you will work the hardest to make things work with. Photo credit: pinterest.com