Two Souls

You both individually bring qualities to the relationship that make it work, be grateful for the uniqueness and learn from one another. Advertisements

Design Your Relationship!

The start of a new year always means a fresh start with resolutions to break old habits and challenging ourselves to new ones. We should treat our relationships with the same energy! As… Continue reading

Happy New Year

Harry Met Sally has some of the great movie quotes of all time, here is one of our favorites!

New Year’s Kiss Resolution

As you kiss your sweetie at the stroke of midnight on the New Year, promise yourself to be more kind, patient and grateful for all they do. Kisses will be your reminder throughout… Continue reading

Strengthen Your Foundation

As the new year approaches, focus on all the qualities you love about your sweetie and how you can continue to build your foundation.

WINTER DATE IDEA#207 – Share A Romantic Bath

Draw a warm bubble bath, light candles, pour some wine…share your day, kiss, get lost in the moment. Photo credit:

Happily Ever After

“Ever After” it says it all for what a marriage can and should be! It also makes for a very cute wedding photo shoot idea and can act as a reminder to each… Continue reading

I want all of you!

It’s amazing how much desire we can have for a person. It’s holding on to that desire and making it last through the years that challenges us. It’s unfortunate that we confuse desire… Continue reading

I will always come back to you!

I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I’ll still love you tomorrow! Photo credit:

WINTER DATE IDEA#66 – Go Ice Skating

Dress warm and hold hands. A healthy “who can do the best trick” competition is highly encouraged! Photo credit: