We should all be hopeless romantics when it comes to our own relationship!


It’s all in the way you ask your lover on the date, that takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

A note left on their pillow to find before bed or a lipstick stained mirror asking simply “will you go on a date with me?” will leave your sweetie smiling! Too often as… Continue reading

We always love to hear a good love story!

Share with us the sweetest way you have told your significant other that you love them!

Count Your Blessings!

November brings a few thoughts to mind, football, changing leaves, family, friends, mustaches and Thanksgiving! But November should be more than just turkey, a big nap and reflecting on your blessings one day… Continue reading

This mobile game might just save your marriage

This mobile game might just save your marriage Kouply is featured on GadetBox- Tom Bishop  writes about Kouply and remembering it’s the little things that make a marriage work. NBCNews.com Gadget Box features News and… Continue reading